The Nykaa Case Study, perfect example of successful digital marketing strategy execution

The Nykaa Case Study, Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Execution

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In spite of generating 17.1 million orders; in spite of operating only 80 stores in 40 cities; Nykaa generated massive profits in the financial year 2021. It makes Nykaa one of the few companies in the e-commerce segment that generate profit.

This case study created by our Digital Marketing Company; is the perfect example to show how a well-executed Digital Marketing strategy helps in creating an ordinary beauty and personal care selling e-commerce website into an established brand.

The Problem

Even a huge customer base of the Indian market wanted to buy premium BPC (beauty and personal care) products. Still, these products are not accessible to them. In the case of tier 2 and tier 3 cities, their presence is negligible.

Practically they did not exist in these markets. Because of the Jio wave, BPC (beauty and personal care) products consumption rose tremendously. Because of this huge market demand and supply gap, many retailers on Online shopping portals started selling duplicate products. This caused a loss of trust of consumers with these big brands.

Also, many e-commerce websites have negligible information about these beauty and personal care products. When it comes to BPC products; Consumers need detailed information about these products before using them. Info like ingredients used in them or allergy warnings, etc.

If you visit Nykaa website, you can easily get detailed information about their products. They openly show products' expiry dates. They have also shown instruction guidelines about how to use their product.

Nykaa's Digital Marketing strategy

Nykaa is achieving growth every day in the BPC industry with its dynamic and powerful digital marketing strategy. The base of Nykaa’s marketing strategy is Digital Marketing. Because of digital marketing strategy, they are so successful in reaching out not only to Tier 1 cities but also tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.

When all e-commerce companies were busy selling products, Nykka started building strong and loyal relationships with their customers by effectively using digital marketing strategies. Let’s see how Nykaa attracts customers using Digital Marketing strategy step by step.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a huge role in Nykaa’s Digital Marketing strategy. Nykaa created 3 social media accounts to promote their business. My Nykka account promotes their online store. Nykaa Fashion promotes its e-commerce apparel store. The last one is Nykaa Beauty; the main purpose of this account is to educate their audience about their products.

Source: Nykaa's Instagram Accounts

With this, they have an army of 3000+ influencers on Social Media. From an ordinary makeup blogger to celebrities like Katrina Kaif, such a variety of 3000+ influencers work for Nykaa. This ultimately drives engagements, brand awareness as well as more sales back to Nykaa.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Nykaa has a robust YouTube marketing strategy. They mainly use YouTube to win the customers' attention. They create videos on some awesome and attention-grabbing content. Like beauty, personal care tips, makeup hacks, beauty horoscope, bridal makeup tips, celebrity makeup tips, etc.

They have a never-ending list of high-quality video content categories that keep their audience engaged.

Content Marketing Strategy

Nykaa has its own blog cum online beauty magazine named “Beauty Book”; where it publishes articles on various topics like makeup tips, skincare tips, hair care tips, personal care tips, diet and fitness tips, product reviews, etc. Anyone can easily think that a magazine from an e-Commerce brand would be focused on product selling. But in this case, it’s not.

The main purpose of Nykaa’s Beauty Book is to cater to the reader’s needs. This reader's first policy of the “Beauty Book” magazine; created credibility and lots of engagements that can easily convert a reader into a loyal consumer. Beauty Book now has created its independent identity as a successful digital beauty magazine.

Key Takeaways From Nykaa Case Study

Online BPC sites only penetrated 8% of the total BPC market in India. It means 92% market is still available to them. But with a robust Digital Marketing strategy, Nykka has a huge advantage over its competitors.

Delivering something new to consumers and creating a strong bond with them always helps in creating an iconic and influential brand.

Abhijeet Nalavade,

Branding Bolt | Digital Marketing Agency,