traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

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Marketing is the most important part of the business sector. Even if you are a startup company or an established brand, it doesn't matter. If you want to stay in the market and do business, then you must do marketing.

In the 21st century, marketing is divided into 2 parts. The first one is traditional marketing. TV ads, Radio ads, Paper ads, Billboard or flex ads, etc. are some examples of traditional marketing mediums. In Layman's terms, traditional marketing means offline advertising.

Whereas, marketing with help of any online/ internet medium is known as digital marketing. Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, etc. are some examples of digital marketing.

Advantages of traditional marketing

Reach Local Audience:

If you want to promote your local business like Hospital, Hotel, or Banking services then traditional marketing is a good choice.

Physical Presence

Customers can easily hold in their hands some traditional mediums such as Paper ads, flyers, brand name printed pens, caps, t-shirts, etc. For mouth-to-mouth references, this idea is a good choice.

Hard To Ignore

Suppose you go to a square daily, and some company has put roadside billboard, is it possible for you to ignore this ad? No, someday you will see it.

Familiar Marketing

For old people, especially for people who are not tech-savvy, these traditional mediums are easily understandable. Also, these ads have direct contact details so that, the customer can easily contact them.

Disadvantages Of Traditional Marketing

More Expensive

As compared to digital marketing; traditional marketing will always be expensive. For example; a roadside billboard in a tier 2 city will cost more than 1 lakh per month. Paper ads will charge the same for a one-time appearance. A local TV channel will charge for the 10 seconds appearance. If you want to reach the state or national level audience using TV or paper ads; it may cost in Crores.

Impossible To Target Specific Customer

These traditional ads are designed for mass advertising. We cannot target a specific customer according to the product. For example, if want to run a traditional marketing campaign for men’s wear, the ad will be shown to ladies also. No specific targeting is possible.

Less Informational

Traditional marketing doesn’t have enough space for product detailed information. It is not possible to show various offers and various products at a time. Because there is no room for that. Even, if you run a traditional ad for a single product, it’s difficult to give detailed information about it.

Not Measurable

Which gender is showing interest in the ad, which people of the specific profession is showing interest, which age group is more ideal for us, how many people have seen our ads, etc. data we cannot get from traditional ads. No data means no scope for change in ad policy and no ad optimization. 

Advantages Of Digital Marketing

Low Expensive and Great ROI

Suppose you want to reach 1 million people in your locality with traditional marketing; it will cost you tons of money. But, digital marketing will cost you a fraction of money than traditional marketing. The more you invest in digital marketing you will get higher returns each and every time. Digital marketing is known for the higher return on investment.

Easy To Measure And Adjust

You can track critical data with digital marketing like; how many people have seen your ad, which section of society is showing more interest, which age group is engaging more with your ad, etc. We can adjust our ad campaign according to this data to get maximum results.

Laser Focus Specific And Fast Targeting

Suppose you are running an ad campaign for ladies' bags or jewelry, who is our target audience? Of course ladies. With digital marketing, you can target only women. Why spend money on the people who are not your ideal client, right? And also, you can see the results immediately.

Local To Global Reach

Which area do you want to target local or global; digital marketing will help you to reach the maximum number of people. If you want to promote your product to someone far away; even if that person is half-world away from you. There is no limit to you; when you are doing digital marketing.

Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing

You Have To Be Cautious

There is a famous saying in our digital marketing community, “The things you write on the Internet will never be erased.” Because there is no turning back after going live on the internet.

Need Skills And Time Consuming

Optimizing ads campaigns, SEO, content creation, etc. these tasks takes huge time. Also, you need good skills for a good return on investment; otherwise, these ads will cost you lots of money. If you are running a business it’s not a good thing to exhaust valuable resources like time and money. Hiring the best digital marketing agency will always be a great choice for you.

Privacy Policy Updates

These days, customers are giving more preference to their privacy. You have to find an alternate way to reach your client, like creating your own data resources.

High Competition

Many people are now choosing digital marketing for their business promotion. Because it has many advantages over the traditional method. So, there is lots of competition if you are promoting your product globally. So, you have to create a unique strategy to get create a loyal customer base.


Although digital marketing is a new method, it's gaining lots of popularity now. The whole world has 4.5 billion+ active internet users. If we talk about India, it has 60 crores, active internet users. So, if you want to reach the maximum number of your ideal clients on a less budget, you should choose digital marketing. It has lots of advantages.

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